The City of Fort Wayne has saved over $300,000 since 2005 by purchasing vehicles for City use through a new bidding process.

The City partnered with Allen County in the creation of the new bid process, which allows for all surrounding municipalities, school systems and other governmental entities to participate. Fort Wayne is the first city in Indiana to develop a bid with the federal General Services Administration (GSA) specifications. The specifications enable manufacturers to offer lower prices on vehicles.

At its February 28 meeting, City Council approved spending nearly $531,000 to purchase 28 vehicles for 2006.

“The City'€™s Fleet and Purchasing Departments are leading a proactive program that benefits taxpayers and promotes energy and environmental efficiencies,” said Mayor Graham Richard. “We are building a better city through collaborative, high-trust partnerships that get results.”


The City is also a leader in using hybrid vehicles and vehicles that run on alternative fuels. Fort Wayne has 13 hybrid vehicles in its fleet, 16 vehicles that run on ethanol fuel, and more than 300 vehicles that run on biodiesel. The City expects to save more than $112,000 by using alternative-based fuel vehicles.