Non-Common Wage Projects  Contractors working on non-federally funded construction projects are not required to follow common construction wage rates, however; they are required to submit the following forms:

Projects Forms

  1. A list of subcontractors and suppliers on the contractor's letterhead must be submitted to the Vendor Compliance office. The list should include lower-tier subcontractors and suppliers and should be submitted prior to the start of construction. The contractor shall not contract with a subcontractor or supplier who has been suspended or debarred by the State or the City of Fort Wayne.

  2. Monthly Employment Report - due from the prime and all subcontractors for each month work is performed on the project. This form references employee work hours by trade based on race and sex.

  3. Manpower Utilization Summary Report - due from the prime contractor within 10 days after completion of the project. This report comprises all firms who performed work on the project and includes the total number of work force hours broken down by race and sex. Minority, Women and Emerging Business Enterprise contract dollar amount and participation percentage is included.

  4. EBE Waiver Request  Pursuant to Executive Order 90-01 (as amended 11-5-18), the City of Fort Wayne has established a goal that 10% of  the contract dollar amount on construction projects should be utilized for the participation of Emerging Business Enterprises (EBE).  In the event that a contract contains a scope of work which cannot be performed by a qualified EBE, or the work subcontracted to an EBE falls short of 10%, the City of Fort Wayne shall allow the goal to be met through supplemental use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) certified by the State of Indiana Department of Transportation or Minority and Women Business Enterprises certified by the Indiana Department of Administration. If the prime contractor was unable to meet the 10% EBE goal, they must submit a waiver reduction request.