City of Fort Wayne Social Media Policy

The City of Fort Wayne’s social media accounts are monitored by staff in an effort to inform the public about activities and events. Our goal is to share information with as many individuals as possible and our policy is to accept the majority of the comments made to our profiles.

Our goal is to provide information that is up to date, accurate and reliable. The information on this forum is believed to be complete and accurate when posted, but the City of Fort Wayne does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any content at any time. The City of Fort Wayne does not make any warranties or assume any legal liability for the accuracy or completeness of anything posted to its social media accounts.

We monitor our profiles and pages but are not responsible for content generated by users.  Comments by users will be deleted if inaccurate, profane or defamatory. We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium; however, our monitoring capabilities are not.  We may not see inappropriate comments right away and we are trusting in the maturity of our community to ignore personal attacks and negative speech and to respond politely.

Posted comments and images do not necessarily represent the views of the Mayor of Fort Wayne or any of the offices or agencies within the City of Fort Wayne.  Our profiles and pages may contain links to other web sites on the internet. This does not constitute endorsement by the Mayor or the City of Fort Wayne or any of the agencies or offices within the City of Fort Wayne.

We do not allow certain types of speech on our forum. These  include but  are not  limited  to: profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, nudity, defamation, hate speech, comments that  promote or foster discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, age, religion,  gender, marital status, or physical or mental disability, advertising, product promotion, unsupported allegations, confidential information such as information relating to ongoing investigations or confidential filings, unintelligible or irrelevant information, personal information about the poster or any other person or business or any political campaigning. Any such content will be removed.

Comments whose main purpose is to sell a product, infringe on copyright, or spam comments (i.e. repeatedly posting the same comment), may also be removed.

Posters who comment more than five (5) times in one day on the same topic may be blocked from making further comment.

Comments that are off topic may be removed or moved to a more appropriate forum.

Posters whose goal appears to be to incite discord or hostility may be blocked.

When interacting with other users, please be civil and follow the usage guidelines established by the social networking service.

The focus of the networking opportunities is to share information about the programs and activities of the Office of Mayor as well as the other offices and agencies of the City of Fort Wayne.  Larger discussions of political views and philosophies may be addressed elsewhere.

Repeated violations of this comment policy may cause the author to be blocked from social media pages sponsored by the City of Fort Wayne.

Please be advised that comments on this forum are considered public record and will be retained according to approved records retention policies and may be subject to production in response to requests under the Access to Public Records Act.


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