Deferral of Prosecution Program Speeding Infractions

The Deferral Program is administered by the Violations Bureau, under the oversight of the City Clerk



  • This option is only available for tickets issued by FWPD citing FW Local Ordinance #71-25 

  • Tickets issued under a State Statute do not qualify

  • No prior speeding tickets in State of Indiana within one year from current ticket date 

  • Cannot be currently enrolled in this program, however you may be enrolled in State program at same time

  • A violation that is 30 + MPH over the posted speed limit will require a Judge's review and approval

  • An individual will remain in the program for a period of ONE YEAR, during which time he/she cannot receive any additional moving violations or arrests

  • Must address violation in some manner by date at bottom of ticket. See “Other”

  • Defendants under 18 years old are not eligible for this deferral program.


Absentee Defendant:

  • If the defendant is a student outside of FW, parent or guardian can enroll

  • Form cannot be mailed. Signature needs to be witnessed

  • Attorneys can obtain form for client



  •  One time basis only (unless approved by Court)


  • First apply at City Clerk's Office  (Violations Bureau)  200 E. Berry St., Suite 110


  • Must submit paperwork and pay fee at Misdemeanor/Traffic Court at the


  • Bud Meeks Criminal Justice Center @ 101 E. Superior St. Form


Fee and Payment:

  •  The total cost for the program is a user fee cost of $143.00 for the applicable speed violation plus $81.50 Court costs.
  • Cash, money order, cashier's check, credit card, and in person.

  • Cannot mail, make check payable to Clerk of Allen County

  • Paying user fee, plus court costs, not paying ticket fine

  • Partial payments are not accepted 


- Fines printed on the back of the moving violation ticket include court costs

- If you have appealed the ticket with bench trial and lost, you forfeit the ability to enroll in the Deferral Program

- Once the violation has been sent to the BMV (it has not been paid and has exceeded its deadline/grace period), you can no longer apply for the Deferral Program and must pay the citation in full