Street Right-of-Way, Alley Right-of-Way and Easement Vacation Requests


  • Applicants must provide their name, address and telephone number
  • The petition must be typed or legibly printed on the required form
  • Any copies of information submitted must be clear and readable
  • A legal description of the area to be vacated must be complete and correct
  • A survey by a licensed surveyor may be required
  • If a utility is located in the area to be vacated, the petitioner(s) will be required to provide for utility relocation and/or replacement easements as needed     

Vacation Petition forms can be printed by clicking the link below or can be obtained at the City Clerk's Office (200 E Berry St, Suite 110, Fort Wayne IN 46802)

pdfVacation Petition


Corresponding fees must be paid when the request is submitted. These can be made in person at the Violations Bureau desk.

  •  Platted easement or alley right-of-way: $200.00
  •  Street right-of-way: $300.00


Petitioner completes the Vacation Petition form and provides payment

The Planning Department reviews and provides comment

The petition is submitted to appropriate utility groups for review and comment

They will return:

  •  No objections
  •  Relocations and/or easement for existing facilities will be required

The Planning Department reviews the petition and all comments returned, then reviews against criteria established by state law

If the petition meets all criteria and any objections or relocations are addressed, City Council will hold a Public Hearing and subsequent vote on the request