Fort Wayne neighborhood associations are encouraged to register their association by using the new NEIGHBORHOOD REGISTRATION FORM. Even if you have completed this form in years past, we ask that you submit the new form to ensure the City has proper contact information. 



Why should I register my neighborhood:

  • This list is used to keep neighborhood associations informed about upcoming events, meetings, and opportunities to work on specific projects. 
  • Registered neighborhoods are eligible to apply for City offered neighborhood grant opportunities. If a neighborhood is not registered, they are ineligible.
  • There is no cost associated with completing the Neighborhood Registration Form. 

Which neighborhoods are registered:

  • Once you submit your Neighborhood Registration Form, the list will be updated each Friday.
  • Each neighborhood should complete a Neighborhood Registration Form at the beginning of each year. 
  • If you registered in years past, but have not completed the new form, your neighborhood association will not be listed. 


pdfREGISTERED NEIGHBORHOODS updated January 17, 2022


*The City of Fort Wayne does not provide mailing labels or spreadsheets of this information in an effort to decrease junk mail/e-mail to Neighborhood Presidents.