The City of Fort Wayne is no longer accepting applications. 

ARPA Grant Opportunity Overview

The City of Fort Wayne, Indiana (the “City”) was allocated $50.8 million in SLFRF monies for investment in projects and programs across the City that align to the four main eligible uses of SLFRF. For more details, visit the City’s SLFRF Recovery Plan. As part of its recovery plan, the City has allocated approximately $5.35 million to four grant programs described in further detail below. 

The purpose of the grant programs is to provide relief to organizations around the community that were negatively impacted or experienced an increased need for services provided by the organization as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each program and its subrecipients must adhere to the compliance policies and procedures set forth by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Indiana State Board of Accounts, and the City of Fort Wayne.

High-Level Description & Application Information for Grant Programs


Amount Allocated*

Brief Description

Application Information

Small Business Support


Operational support (non-payroll) such as rent, insurance, supplies, and/or advertising.

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Non-Profit (Non-Healthcare) Support


Services that are eligible uses under SLFRF such as housing security, food assistance programs, youth programming, job training, etc.

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Public Health Organization Support


Clinics, vaccines, childcare, disease prevention programs, substance abuse programs,
mental health support, etc.

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Tourism-related Industry Support


Tourism offices, festivals, theaters, performing arts organizations, museums, cultural attractions, etc.

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Total Grant Program Allocation


*Amount allocated to each grant program is estimated and subject to change.

Application Submission

Note: The City of Fort Wayne is no longer accepting applications. 

Fillable applications are below:

Small Business Support Application
Non-Profit (Non-Healthcare) Support Application
Public Health Organization Support Application
Tourist-related Industry Support Application

Completed grant applications and all supporting documentation for each of the four programs must be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Deadline to apply is August 14, 2022, at 11:59pm.

Grant Application Checklist

Additional Information

Certification of No Tax Liability
City of Fort Wayne ARPA Subgrant Presentation Slides

2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance)
Indiana Department of Revenue INTIME
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Final Rule (full version)
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Final Rule Overview
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Compliance and Reporting Guidance
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Compliance Supplement
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds FAQ’s
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Assistance Listing