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Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Department is responsible for roadway operations, maintenance and program implementation. The Traffic Engineering Department strives to provide safe and efficient movement of vehicles, people and goods through the community advocated by established regulations and the elected administration, including: to produce the maximum level of traffic service with limited resources for capital improvements and operation; to develop new engineering techniques to move people and goods safely and efficiently; and to create and maintain a communication channel between the administration and the public.

orgconeAbout Traffic Engineering:

  • Traffic Engineering works with various city departments, private contractors, construction contracts, developers and businesses on requests for closures or restrictions. Full road closures are typically avoided unless work operations or safety is compromised. The city permits work on city streets, but work on roads such as Coliseum Blvd (SR 930), Lima Road (SR 3), Clinton & Lafayette (US 27), Illinois Rd (SR 14) are permitted by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).
  • In 2020, there were 1830 closure/restriction permits approved for work on city streets. Below are links showing active projects or work within the city.

orgcone Services offered by the Traffic Engineering Department:

    • Accident Studies & Collision Diagrams
    • Amendments to City Traffic Code
    • Complaint Requests & Investigations
    • Emergency Detours & Street Closures
    • Pedestrian Studies
    • Planning & Design of Traffic Control
    • Review Building Permit Applications
    • Review Proposed Residential, Commercial & Industrial Access Permits
    • School Crossing & Safety Studies
    • Traffic Studies & Surveys (Obtaining factual data, analysis of data, recommendations)
  • City of Fort Wayne Traffic Engineering has checked recent traffic data since the recent COVID-19 pandemic has impacted travel in the city.   A sample of the data collected is shown on the link below for Washington Boulevard with counts taken near Washington Boulevard and Union Street by Washington Elementary School.
  •                     Washington Blvd Comparison Counts  *COVID Related*

orgcone Street Closings and Lane Restrictions

orgconeTraffic Calming:

Traffic Calming is a program offered by the city to help residents work with the city on potentially making changes to residential streets to help slow or change traffic patterns. Below are links outlining this program.       

      Please note that Traffic Calming Requests are to come from Association Presidents/Board members who act on behalf of the neighborhood.  If the  Neighborhood Associations is no longer active or disbanded, the applicant must have an e-mail/letter of support from their council representative confirming the Traffic Calming project if requested by the Department. 

orgconeTraffic Maps:

There are various maps useful to our department and the public specific to traffic within the city limits.
Below are links to useful information such as speed limits, classifications, and ADT:


                     Painted Pavement Art Program (New)             

PIC    *8/19/21 -  Mount Vernon Park Neighborhood  

PIC2     July 2019 - Northside Neighborhood

(Go to Street Light Engineering page)

  • To report a street light or alley light out, please call 427-8311 or 311 OR report here here
  • To Request New or Additional Lighting -  please call 427-8311 or 311, or request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please provide the pole number located on the yellow verticle tag labeled Street Light, the address of the light and a contact name and number in case there is a problem with the light.



  • MLK Bridge
  • The MLK Bridge was completed in July of 2012. The MLK Bridge not only serves a purpose as a beautiful memorial to Dr. King, but it also serves as a gateway entrance into downtown Fort Wayne


  • The Division of Public Works will work with local residents on establishing Memorial Parkways. Memorial Parkways will be designated with signage along the route approved by the department. 
  • To report traffic or pedestrian signals out at an intersection dial:  3-1-1 or (260-427-8311)
  • To report existing traffic signs down dial:  3-1-1 or (260-427-8311)

  •  2019 Data
  • Traffic Engineering
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