This document provides a brief summary of the boards and commissions to which Mayor Henry makes appointments. The actual duties of and requirements for each board/commission are set forth in state laws, local ordinances, executive orders, or organization bylaws.

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Application to serve on a board or commission

Alcoholic Beverage Commission
- The Board reviews alcoholic beverage permits within Allen County, and makes recommendations to the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission on permit issuance. Mayor Henry appoints one of four members for a term of one year. Political balance is required. Commissioners must be at least 21 years of age and must have resided in Allen County for five years.

Allen County Parks & Recreation Board - The Board governs operations and administration of all parks located within Allen County but outside the Fort Wayne City limits. Mayor Henry appoints one ex-officio member with a four-year term to this seven-member board, and political balance is required.

Allen County Regional Sewer District Board of Trustees - On this seven-member board, Mayor Henry makes two appointments for four-year terms. The board governs the collection and disposal of sewage throughout Allen County outside the City of Fort Wayne and other excluded areas.

Animal Control Commission - This five-member commission, to which Mayor Henry makes three, 3-year appointments, is a citizen advisory group for the Fort Wayne Department of Animal Control. The Commission advises the Mayor, the Public Safety Director, and the Animal Control Director on policy and direction for the department.

Board of Public Safety - This three member board, appointed by Mayor Henry, administers the police and fire departments of the city.  Duties include adopting rules for governing and disciplining the fire and police departments and purchasing all need equipment and supplies for the departments.

Board of Public Works - The Mayor appoints all three members of this board to review and approve all infrastructure, projects, contracts, and improvements.

Board of Zoning Appeals - Mayor Henry appoints three out of five members to this Board which adopts rules and procedures concerning the filing of appeals, the giving of notice, and the conduct of its hearing and operations as necessary to carry out its duties of area zoning.

Cable Fund Advisory Board - This board consists of five members; three appointed by the Mayor, and two by City Council. The board administers the grant process through which agencies receive City franchise fee revenues, allowing citizen input to ensure effective use of such revenue.

City Plan Commission - The Plan Commission is responsible for planning the future development of the community, reviewing requests for rezoning, subdivisions, and other development proposals. The Mayor makes five appointments to this board with four-year terms, and political balance is required.

Community Service Council - Mayor Henry appoints all 51 members. The CSC, as part of Community Oriented Policing/Government, serves the Mayor and citizens in an advisory role regarding issues that have a city-wide impact, working with the neighborhood and business area partnerships. Membership includes representation from various community organizations and agencies, as well as government.

Community Trust Investment Commission - This four member board is responsible for all financial and property transactions of the community trust.  These include investments, transfers, collections, and loans.

Economic Development Commission - Mayor Henry appoints three out of five members to this Commission which reviews applications for industrial revenue bonds and makes recommendations to the City Council on bond issuance. Terms are three years.

Fort Wayne/Allen County Airport Authority - The Authority governs overall operation and fiscal decisions related to the Fort Wayne International Airport and Smith Field. Mayor Henry appoints three members of this six-member board, and terms are four years; political balance is required. Board members must reside within Allen County, and must be at least 18 years of age.

Fort Wayne/Allen County Board of Health - The Mayor appoints three members and the Commissioners appoint four members to this seven-member board which governs the Fort Wayne/Allen County Health Department. All appointments have four-year terms, and no more than four of the seven members may be from the same political party. Some positions on this board must be held by professionals in the fields of medicine, social work, engineering, environmental science, or a school superintendent.

Fort Wayne/Allen County Convention & Tourism Authority - This board is responsible for the finances and operation of the Grand Wayne Center. Mayor Henry makes three appointments to this board which have four-year terms. One member must be engaged in the hotel/motel business; political balance is required.

Fort Wayne Board of Park Commissioners - All four members of this Commission are appointed by Mayor Henry to four-year terms, and political balance is required by state law. The Commission sets policy and oversees management of the Parks & Recreation department, including land acquisition and development, and entering into contracts. Commissioners must live within the Fort Wayne City limits.

Fort Wayne Housing Authority - This five-member commission governs local public housing and Section 8 programs, sets goals for the agency, and ensures compliance with state and federal laws/requirements. Mayor Henry appoints all the members of this board, and political balance is required. Board members must reside within the City limits.

Fort Wayne Hospital Authority - The Hospital Authority is a 5-member board, with all members appointed by the Mayor, that assists in financing, acquiring, constructing, leasing, or equipping projects by local hospitals through their bonding authority. All board members must reside within the City limits.

Fort Wayne Police Merit Commission - This commission administers testing for promotions to merit rank positions, creates billets for merit rank positions, and hears appeals on performance evaluations for police officers. The Mayor appoints two members to this commission with terms of four years. Political balance is required, and commissioners must be a resident of the City.

Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (Citilink) - This seven-member board, which exercises the executive and legislative powers of the bus company, has three positions which are filled by Mayoral appointments for four-year terms. All members must be a resident of the PTC taxing district, and political balance is required by law.

Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority - This three member board is appointed by the Mayor to oversee special redevelopment projects.

Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission - The Redevelopment Commission addresses blight, cessation of growth, and lack of development within the City by promoting private and public partnerships in redevelopment areas, serving as a catalyst to assist and assure that redevelopment occurs. Out of five commissioners, the Mayor appoints three. All commissioners must be 18 years of age, residents of the City, and must be bondable.

Historic Preservation Commission - The Historic Preservation Commission is charged with the implementation and enforcement of City Code Chapter 151 – Historic Preservation and Protection Districts. The Commission reviews and recommends designations for Local Historic and Conservation Districts and reviews changes to Local Historic District properties that are subject to public view The Mayor appoints all seven members of this commission. Experience in historic preservation, architecture, contracting, and historic property ownership is required for certain positions. Commission members must reside within the city limits.

Housing & Neighborhood Development Services Board of Directors - This board governs low-income housing rehabilitation programs administered by Housing & Neighborhood Development Services, Inc. The board sets program policies, monitors financial and program performance, and disburses special grants. Mayor Henry makes 11 three-year appointments to the board, six of which may be citizen members; positions have requirements of experience in banking, law real estate, housing, and neighborhoods.

Humane Education Advisory Council - The Mayor appoints ten members to this board to explore ways that animal cruelty education can be used to combat violence.

Internal Audit Committee - The Committee works with the City's Internal Audit Department to evaluate and report on the City's financial conditions and records, accuracy, and compliance with applicable laws. The Mayor makes four appointments to the five-member board based on recommendations from the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Bar Association, and the State Board of Accounts. All terms are for three years.

Leo-Cedarville Regional Sewer District - This board handles all administrative duties of operating the Leo/Regional Sewer District. The Mayor makes one, four-year appointment to this five-member board.

Mayor's Commission on Domestic Violence, Rape & Sexual Harassment - This commission works to deter and eradicate domestic violence, rape, and sexual harassment in the community by educational programs, promoting interaction among related agencies, and advocating appropriate legislative and judicial reforms. The Mayor appoints 10 members to this commission, five of whom represent specific agencies, and five of whom are at-large members from the community. Terms are two years.

Metropolitan Human Relations Commission - This Commission administers and enforces anti-discrimination legislation and ordinances within the City of Fort Wayne as authorized by the Indiana Civil Rights Act. The Mayor appoints four members to this board; each has a four-year term, and must reside within the City of Fort Wayne. Political balance is required.

Safety Village/Survive Alive Commission - This board oversees matters of policy and budget activities of Safety Village at Southtown Mall.  The Mayor appoints five of the seven board members.

Safe Housing & Building Advisory Board - Mayor Henry appoints four members of this five member board, one being a representative of the Fire Department, and the remaining three having expressed knowledge and interest in building and housing trades. The board sets forth the maximum amount of performance bonds applicable to various orders issued by the Department of Neighborhood Code Enforcement.

Stormwater Management Board - The Mayor appoints three of the five members to this board to govern the Stormwater management department, hold hearings following public notice, and install/maintain storm water collection and disposal systems.

Three Rivers Ambulance Authority Board of Directors - The board manages and conducts the competitive bid process for provision of ambulance service, manages the contractor for the provision of service, and determines rates for service. Mayor Henry appoints four members to the 9-member board with collective expertise in business law, health care administration, finance, and business management - all of whom must be a resident of the City.

Three Rivers Festival - The Mayor appoints one member to this board to participate in the administration of the Three Rivers Festival programs.

SEED/Urban Enterprise Association Board of Directors - This board is the governing body for the local enterprise zone program. It is responsible for overseeing projects and programs within the enterprise zone boundaries, and operation of the Fort Wayne Enterprise Center which assists small business owners and entrepreneurs within the zone. Of the 12 board members, Mayor Henry appoints six, City Council appoints four, and the governor appoints two.

Urban Transportation Board - This is state-run board with one Mayoral appointment.