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It is the mission of the Office of the Mayor to assist the Mayor in serving the public by gathering information on important issues, assisting in analyzing those issues and developing policies to guide the course of the City for the future. At the direction of the Mayor, the office implements policy by coordinating and guiding the actions of the various divisions of the City government, and working cooperatively with other units of government, business, and other organizations to accomplish the goals of the City.

To the left, you will see additional tabs that offer information. As an example of some of the online resources, you may click "Forms" to request the Mayor of Fort Wayne to speak at your event or to request a proclamation. Other options include links to "Human Resources" where you can see all the latest news from the City. The City has an abundance of information to offer the public. Through SmartGov, the City of Fort Wayne is looking to create an atmosphere where citizens feel engaged and knowledgeable about local government.

Additional resources include: