Advise the Mayor in regard to current procurement and employment processes by providing best practice recommendations designed to continuously promote and strengthen the City's diversity policies and procedures within the organization to effectively reflect and serve the community.

The Council is committed to researching best practices and benchmarking industry leaders in regard to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of City procurement and City employment. The Council is further committed to the development of recommendations for presentation to the Mayor regarding equitable, innovative, and effective process improvements
and program initiatives that celebrate diversity and are designed to sustain a community that is welcoming, culturally inclusive, reflective of the community it serves, and a model for other municipalities.

Members represent public, private, and low-income sectors and reflect the special interest organizations and ethnic composition of the city's population. The Council consists of eleven voting members to be appointed by the Mayor—5 members on each subcommittee; 1 member as a Diversity & Inclusion Advisor.

Application for Appointment