State Blvd Aerial views from October 2020 2

The City of Fort Wayne’s Public Works Division has a motto: “In Your Neighborhood.” That motto reflects the commitment the Public Works team has to strengthen neighborhoods, but just as important, it focuses on our ability to work with neighborhoods and the residents who dwell within them.

On the surface, the State Boulevard Realignment Project is a story about a failing bridge built more than 90 years ago, a bridge on a significant City street that often flooded because it was built too low, and the realignment of a road with a sharp curve that resulted in numerous accidents near the bridge.

But this story is more than concrete and asphalt. It’s about protecting history, preserving a neighborhood, working closely with passionate residents, improving safety, and creating a road that meets today’s needs into the future.


For many of us, the fresh sight of snow brings winter joy and outdoor fun. After several cold weeks of being cooped up inside, residents take advantage of the snow for recreational activities, such as sledding, snowball fights, and hiking.

For the City of Fort Wayne’s Street Department, snow means tough plowing work and long hours. Nevertheless, it’s important work that is provided to residents.

Before, during, and after snowfall events, the City of Fort Wayne’s Street Department is committed to keeping all roads safe and clear within the city limits. While each snowfall is different, the street department uses years of experience and reliable forecasting to plan for the safest and most effective snowplow operation.