Nightime Elevation

Fort Wayne’s commitment to being an open, welcoming, inviting, and inclusive community continues as we work each day to be the best city possible.

The public has a unique opportunity to come together with local government officials, civic leaders, and neighborhood advocates for the Fort Wayne Public Art Commission’s unveiling of Pillars of Hope and Justice, a public art monument in downtown Fort Wayne.


Growing and thriving cities have neighborhoods as the backbone of their respective communities. That is true in Fort Wayne as our strong and vibrant neighborhoods truly make the Summit City unique.

One way to help ensure ongoing progress is by constantly addressing infrastructure needs. Fort Wayne’s commitment to neighborhood improvements through our Public Works and City Utilities divisions is evident with the record-breaking plans we have developed for 2023. We will see $43.8 million in Public Works upgrades and $135 million for City Utilities, both are record amounts of investments. Since 2014, Public Works has led more than $250 million in neighborhood enhancements. For City Utilities, the investment amount over the past decade exceeds $1 billion.


March has been a busy month highlighting the importance of Disability Awareness Month. Our community has come together to bring awareness and attention to an important topic.

We’re encouraged that Fort Wayne and Allen County are committed to providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We still have work to do, but we’re confident that local government and the public will continue to recognize the important contributions that are made each day by our disability community. Our friends are making a positive difference in leadership positions on boards and commissions, and at work, school, and home.

Ground Breaking Boards 1


Fort Wayne prides itself on being a caring and giving city. We’re a place where people matter, and we want the best for every resident who calls Fort Wayne home. One way we follow through on our commitments is by proactively demonstrating engagement, innovation, and performance.