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Fort Wayne prides itself on being a caring and giving city. We’re a place where people matter, and we want the best for every resident who calls Fort Wayne home. One way we follow through on our commitments is by proactively demonstrating engagement, innovation, and performance.


With summer approaching, Fort Wayne residents will see increased foot traffic from people enjoying the sights and sounds of Fort Wayne.

Tourism season is near and that’s great news for Fort Wayne.  


Growing and thriving cities must be safe for residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and visitors. In Fort Wayne, we are a safe city, and our public safety divisions continue to perform at a high level.

The work being done by the women and men of the Fort Wayne Police and Fort Wayne Fire departments is to be commended. Their collective commitment and dedication to protecting the public is evident each day.

Providing critical services to the public is a top priority of local government, and there’s a unique initiative underway this year to make a lasting and meaningful difference.

The City of Fort Wayne has embarked on a project to relocate a number of functions to maximize resources and efficiencies for the public works and public safety divisions. To do this, we’ve purchased three buildings at the Avenue of Autos on Illinois Road to provide more modern offerings for services such as fleet, traffic operations, and our radio shop.


2022 was another landmark year in Fort Wayne.

As this year ends, we wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the impactful projects, programs and initiatives that helped move Fort Wayne forward. These projects could not have happened without the commitment and collaboration between the City Fort Wayne, residents, neighborhood leaders, non-profits, businesses, and community organizations.

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