Listed below are 2023 legal advertisements for projects bidding online. 

0711S, Barrett 50/50

0712S, ROW Misc

0713U, ADA Curb 

0714G, Curb

0715S, Sidewalk Trip Haz

0717P, Tree Removal

0600D, Alley

0652X, Progress Pkwy

0654S, St Joseph Sidewalk

0717P, Rebid 2023 Tree 

66970, 3RFP MCC-s/S1

0512C, Heather Ridge

0595D, Alley Recon

0677C, Pettit - Rudisill

77021, Flaugh Lift Station

76920, WPCP MCC-P4

0596D, Alley Recon

0656D, Alley Recon

0661A, Resurfacing SW

0663A, Resurfacing NE

0597D, Alley Recon

0607D, Alley Recon

0633D, Alley Recon

0660A, Resurfacing SE

0662, Resurfacing NW

0683C, Harvester

67272, Forest Park

76929, WPCP Aeration Basin

67258, Lead Replacement #1 

76920, WPCP MCC-P4

0740T, APS-PED

77092, Thieme, Berry, Nelson

67348, Lead Replacement #2

67349, Lead Replacement #3

0775S, ROW Misc Pkg B

0168N, LIberty Mills Rd Trail

0657D, Alley Recon

0678C, Woodland Lake Repairs

0605D, Alley Recon

0570C, Maplewood

77117, Coldwater Rd

0531X, Lower Huntington Bridge











Listed below are 2022 legal advertisements for projects bidding online. 

66955, Schwartz Rd WME

0647X, Parnell Ave Bridge Lighting

76698, CSO 55 / Anthony & Wayne

83736, Heather Ridge & Aboite Center

0121C, Arlington Pk Repairs 

0546B, Alley Recon: Berry, Wayne

0621S, 2022 Sidewalk Cost Share

0640S, 2022 Misc. Concrete

0641U, 2022 ADA Ramp

0642G, 2022 Curb Pkg

0643S, 2022 Sidewalk Trip Hazard

0645P, 2022 Tree Removal

0646P, 2022 Guardrail & Attenuator

0028C, Miller Ridge Concrete Repairs

0513C, WInterfield Concrete Repairs

0545D, Alley - Packard, Darrow, Calhoun

0567D, Alley - Packard, Kismoor, Fairfiled

0556X, Bluffton Rdd over Harber Ditch Bridge

83610, Pierson Drain Phase I

0541D, Alley- Eliza, Hayden, McCulloch, Ohio

0645P, Rebid 2022 Tree Removal

0540D, Alley- McKinnie, Senate, Holton, Bowser

0453D, Alley Reconstructions

0505N, Illinois Crossing

0563D, Alley - home, Kinnaird, Fairfield

0594B, Brick Alley - Creighton, Taber, Webster

0630D, Alley Recon - Margaret, Greenlawn, Oakland

76202, WPCP Wet Weather (Pumps 5&6)

0511C,  Pine Valley Phase IV

0593B, Brick Alley - Wayne, Washington, College

0549A, 2022 Resurfacing Pkg SW

0626P, RR Crossing Upgrades

0347D, Alley Recon Foster, Oakdale, Wayne

0486A, 2022 Resurfacing Pkg NE

76925, WPCP Pond Gate 2-3

76946, FLP to WWPS Power

83810, 2022 CIPP Pkg 3 

0281R, Hanna St Trail

0560A, 2022 Resurfacing NW

0561A, 2022 Resurfacing SE

0565D, Alley Recon

83821, Pierson Drain #2

0162S, Wallen Rd

0650T, Fairfield & Taylor

67064, St Joe Dam

0559G, Korte Lane

76718, Griswold & Lafayette

77055, 2022 CIPP - Small & Med

76565, Pontiac St Inflow

77085, Pond 1 Sheet Piling

0576A, St Joe Center Rd

67070, Plant HVAC PH II

67121, Wildwood WMR

109-5-17-21-1, Fire Station 14

0063C, E State Blvd

0424R, Hanna St Trail

0569D, Alley Recon

0574C, Pettit - Rudisill

0617N, Superior St Urban Trail

0562B, Brick Alley - Taber, Suttenfield

77123, WPCP Aeration Roof 

75595, 3700-3900 Block St Joe Center Septic

77090, HSW Electrical Feed

0690C,  W Maple Grove

0529C, Rudisill Plaza

0543D, Alley - Killea, Wildwood, Calhoun

67121, Wildwood WMR

76696, Brown St CSO 007-056

76935, Riverwood Dr Septic

83454, Willshire Estates/Oakhurst Park

76694, CSO 023 024 025

0340S, Winchester Sidewalk

0544D, Alley Wildwood, Packard

0604D, Alley Foster, Branning

0608D, Alley Clermont, Pasadena

0659B, Brick Alley Wayne, Clay

0694D, Alley Jefferson, Lewis

109-9-13-22-1, Fairfield Streetscape

76928, 2022 Sewer Open Cut #1

0701P, Guardrail Pkg B

77031, WPCP Pond 3 Ph II

83610, Pierson Drain Ph I

0667B, Brick Alley

67055, Filter Backwash Retention

83830, Decatur & Gardendale

83869, Gulfstream Dr

0700N, Goshen Roundabout Lighting

67261, FLP To WWPS Electrical

0566D, Alley Reconstruction

83723, Westmoor Addition

109-11-8-22-1, Asphalt Services RFQ

109-11-8-22-2, Concrete Services RFQ

0515C, Fairfield Terrace

67033, Covington Dells

67061, Flaugh Rd

77104, Griswold LS

77017, Chemical Storage Tank

0330S, Trier Rd Sidewalk

76825, Rothman Siphon

76914, Steeplechase