FORT WAYNE, IN – Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is kicking off Dog Bite Prevention Week by sharing tips to help keep citizens and their pets safe from dog bites.

As the investigating agency in Allen County, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has already received 326 bite reports in 2021. As the weather turns warmer and more people are starting to spend more time outside, the number of bites is increasing. During just one week of March when temperatures were in the 60s and 70s, 60 bites were reported to FWACC.Canine Ladder of Aggression

Dog bites to children can be extremely devastating and are most commonly to the face. Nationally, 77% of all dog bites to children are from their own family dog or a friend’s dog and are almost always preventable. Children are eye-level, don’t have as good of self-control around dogs and often can’t read the warning signs that a dog is uncomfortable and might bite. It’s especially important to always supervise interactions between children and dogs. You should always put the dog in its crate or another room if you cannot supervise their interaction. Never let your child hug, kiss, sit on, pull their tail or ears, or tease your dog. Never let your child be near your dog while it’s eating. Set clear boundaries and a good example – children watch how we interact with dogs!

Throughout the week of April 12th, FWACC will be sharing more tips, helpful videos and resources to help citizens understand why dogs bite and what they can do to stay safe on Facebook and Twitter.

You can prevent bites by:

  • Never hitting your dog
  • Keeping your dog on a leash at all times when you’re on a walk
  • Understanding basic dog body language
  • Carry an umbrella and/or pet deterrent while walking your dog, jogging or riding your bicycle
  • Put your dog in another room when answering your door/accepting a delivery
  • If your dog is reactive to other people/pets walking by your home keep your windows and doors closed, dogs can easily get through screen windows/doors
  • Separate your dogs during meal time
  • Never force your dog to meet another dog
  • Spaying/neutering your dog can reduce the likelihood of bites
  • Work with a professional dog trainer to better understand your dog and only use all-positive methods

All bites to people and other animals need to be reported to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control. The biting dog will be required to complete a 10 day quarantine at home or at the shelter.  To report bites call 427-1244 option 1.

It’s important to remember that ANY dog can bite.

Fort Wayne, IN - Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control and City Utilities are reminding pet owners to clean up pet waste to prevent the spread of disease and to protect our waterways.

The shelter often sees a significant increase in the number of sanitary complaints during the Spring. Fort Wayne City Ordinance requires pet owners clean up pet waste or they could face a minimum $100 fine. If not cleaned up, pet waste can spread disease, be a nuisance for neighbors and others enjoying public trails and walkways, and it can have a major impact on the environment.

View the video above to see a demonstration of how pet waste enters and harms our local waterways. To learn more about the Clear Choices Clean Water campaign and take the pledge click HERE. City Utilities has free pet waste bags and holders for pet owners availalbe for pick up at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control. Click HERE to learn more about City Utilities and efforts to reduce pollution entering area rivers and storm drains.


Fort Wayne, IN - This March, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is participating in the No Place Like Home Challenge - launching new resources for pet owners and offering free microchips and ID tags to increase the number of lost pets returned to their owners.

The No Place Like Home Challenge is a national effort to keep more pets at home and out of the shelter, focusing on lost pets. One in three pets will become lost at some point in their life. In 2020, only 38% of the 4,667 lost animals that were brought to FWACC were reclaimed by their owners. 

FWACC will be offering free microchips and ID tags to Allen County residents the entire month of March. Up-to-date identification tags and microchips are the best way to ensure your pet is returned to you if it’s lost. Pet owners can visit the shelter between the hours of Noon – 4 p.m. Monday - Friday to get their pet(s) microchipped and get a personalized ID tag. Free microchips will be available to the first 250 pet owners – there is no limit on the number of free ID tags. Please bring a photo ID AND proof of ownership like vet records with you to the shelter. A generous thank you to PetHealth for donating the microchips. 

If your pet is already microchipped, make sure all information linked to your pet’s chip is up-to-date so you can be contacted if your pet is lost. Learn more about updating your information here.

The shelter is also partnering with Finding Rover to provide pet facial recognition software to help identify lost pets. Pet owners can upload a picture of their lost pet to Finding Rover and the software will search FWACC’s and nearby shelter’s photo databases as well as other reported lost pets to find a match. Pet owners can also upload photos of found pets. To access Finding Rover’s lost pet database click here

Losing a pet can be devastating. Not knowing what to do when your pet is lost can make the situation even more stressful. Being prepared and always having ID tags with current information and a permanent microchip are essential to being reunited with your pet. To see more tips on what to do if you LOSE a pet or FIND a lost pet click here.

There’s no place like a home for a pet – especially the home that’s missing them.

Pet owners can contact Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control at 427-1244 option 1 with questions.


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