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Fort Wayne, IN – In February, Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control received a generous donation of $2,500 from an anonymous volunteer. This donation was given to the Angel Fund with the hopes of encouraging the community to match the donation during the month of February.
Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control proudly announce in February a grand total of $11,276. 52 donated. We are grateful for a very supportive community that loves and supports the animal shelter. This donation will help provide crucial life-saving medical care to shelter animals; medical needs to help provide preventative care.

Director Amy-Jo Sites states “Donations to our Angel Fund is what allows us to provide everything from basic vaccines to advanced medical procedures including various treatments and surgeries to the animals we care for. We see thousands of animals a year with majority needing some level of medical intervention. Thanks to the generous and caring people within our community, we can continue to provide the critical care needed.”


Barks and Mews Gala

City of Fort Wayne, IN – Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is back with their Barks and Mews Gala to raise funds for their Angel fund!

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control held its first gala January 11, 2020. Because of its positive outcome, many were looking forward to the following year. However, due to the unforeseen circumstance of COVID-19, it was cancelled.

The 2023 Barks and Mews Gala will be held on Saturday, June 17th at Purdue Fort Wayne Walb Student Union in the International Ballroom. This event will be 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Doors will open at 5 p.m. Emceed by WANE 15's Emily Dwire. This year’s gala is a 70’s theme with a dance demonstration and lessons from the Fort Wayne Ballroom Club, dinner and drinks, a silent auction and gift card pull.Be sure to capture the memorable night by stopping at the DigiBooths Selfie Booth!  

On this night, the Fort Wayne Animal Care and control will be honoring the memory of two of their long serving and dearest volunteers by awarding two current volunteers. This is to show the appreciation for the work they do that serves not only the animals, but the shelter and our community.

The Angel Fund helps provide crucial life-saving medical care to shelter animals. Being Northeast Indiana's largest open access shelter, we cannot turn away animals brought to us from Allen County - no matter the condition they are in. Because of this, we utilize our Angel Fund almost daily to help the animals that have no other place to go.

Tickets are now available for purchase. Single tickets are $75, $550 for a table of eight, and donations are welcomed. Click here to purchase your ticket. If one is interested of being a sponsor to the event,  please click here to be a sponsor.

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Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control announces the shelter received a generous grant of $2,500 from a FWACC foster volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous to the public. The donor wants the gift to go towards the Angel Fund and encourages supporters to match the donation during the month of February to bring it to a grand total of $5,000. The Angel Fund helps provide crucial life-saving medical care to shelter animals.

When learning their dog needed surgery, the donor began to save money for the procedure. After some time, they learned surgery was no longer needed; they then decided to donate the money to FWACC.

The donor explains the reason for choosing the shelter is because, “As a foster volunteer, I want to fight back against all the evil and bad in the world. Enough of us doing a little good will add up and make a difference. We just have to do something and start somewhere.”

The donor shares how it can be emotional to see the cases they receive. They want to encourage others to help give back and inform the community how and why the animals need medical assistance.

FWACC hopes this generous donor’s story will inspire the community during the month of February to give love to the shelter’s animals by donating to the Angel Fund. As an open access shelter, FWACC cannot turn away any animal in Allen County for any reason. Oftentimes, animals come to the shelter in great need of medical care and the Angel Fund is their only option to help save their lives.

People can donate to the Angel Fund by clicking here.

Director Amy-Jo Sites


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It is our mission to serve our community in a humane, public safety capacity while working to keep pets with loving families by providing education opportunities and resources or facilitating re-homing or adoption when necessary.

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